Tips To Maintain Long And Luxurious Hair

We’d all love to have a thick mane of hair that’s luxurious to look at, as well as touch. But are we willing to do what it takes? If youare, then the below tips are exclusively for you!

Over Washing Vs Under Washing

When it comes to your hair, both washing it way too many times, and not washing it enough can cause hair related problems. No matter how clean a person you are, avoid over washing your hair every day, making it dry and brittle, robbing it off all its oils and moisture. If a shower every day is not something you want to compromise with, at least avoid using shampoo and other hair cleaning products so that it may retain some of its natural oils.

Massages With And Without Oil

We all know that body massages rejuvenate our body, helping us feel less sore and even less tired. But sadly many people are still to realize the importance of a head massage when it comes to growing hair. While it’s true that certain oils (coconut and castor oil are a personal favorite) help with hair growth if you don’t have the liking for it, even a massage that stimulates the scalp WITHOUT oil will be beneficial for your hair.

Listening To Your Hair When Buying Products For It

Each person’s personality and skin type differs, and so does hair. No matter how well a product works for someone you believe has similar hair to yours, there is a chance that it may not work the same. Always listen to your hair and its needs when buying products for it. Avoid brands that promote using products with a lot of chemical ingredients. Pick brands that look after your hair naturally.

Are Few Snips Are Necessary For Life

If you’ve ever tried to garden or even simply raise a plant, you’ll know that sometimes, in order to help the plant grow, it’s vital for you to trim certain branches. It is only then that new leaves and branches start to grow from it. Your hair has similarities to plants and requires you to trim it regularly in order for it to grow thick and long.

To Style Or Not To Style?

The age-old question about if styling hair causes it to lose its volume and healthiness plagues us even today. Truth is, too much of anything is not good for you, so if you use products or use irons to style your hair every day, try to give it a few days off at least. On the days that you have to use such products, make sure to use precautions against hair damage. For example, hair heat protectants for when straightening hair.

Hydration: More Important For Your Hair Than You’d Think

You already knew that good food makes a big difference when it comes to healthy hair. But did you know that proper hydration is as important? Your hair is almost 25% water, and not consuming enough water not only dehydrates your body and brain but also your hair causing it to be dull, lifeless and brittle.


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